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Seller's guide
How does the selling process work?
1. If you have a side project and you would like to sell through SideProjectors, first visit "Post a project" page. On this page, you will see a form where you can specify the details of your project.
We encourage you to fill out all the form fields. This gives the potential buyers the sufficient understanding of what is being sold and prevents you from receiving emails with unnecessary questions. Also, your project will be more likely to be listed in the featured projects list.
2. When buyers are interested in your project, they will contact you via email with a message and an offering price for your side project.
It is completely up to you to start the conversation with this potential buyer. Do not accept offers from buyers you don't want to sell your project to. We strongly suggest you take your time in talking to the buyers. In addition to the exchange of emails, we also advise you to speak to them via other communication channels such as Skype, Google Hangout. You could also view their public profiles via GitHub, Twitter or Facebook.
3. Once you and a buyer are in agreement of the sale, you can arrange how the different assets of the project can be transferred and how the payment can be made.
Are there any side projects I cannot sell?
SideProjectors does not accept side projects containing adult contents. Projects that contain or link to offending content will be removed from SideProjectors.
Side projects posted should also be a project that currently exists in a form that can be either viewed (e.g. website) or downloaded (e.g. mobile apps, desktop apps, plugins, extensions). Therefore, you cannot sell just a 'concept' or an 'idea'. Such projects will be removed from SideProjectors.
The administrators of SideProjectors also frequently monitor the projects posted to make sure that the provided description of the project is accurate. Any projects found or reported to be inaccurate will be removed from the site immediately.
How can my project be on the 'featured project' page?
The best way to become a featured project is to provide as much information about your project for your potential buyers. This means providing a meaningful and in-depth description, current status of your project and how it is built.
Promote your project via Twitter or Facebook and try to let others know that your project is on sale. We consider all of these before selecting your project on our featured page.
Is SideProjectors involved in the transfer of money or the project?
No. SideProjectors acts as a bridge between the seller and the buyer, connecting them to determine if a sale of a side project can occur.
Once the two parties are in agreement, then it is up to the seller and the buyer to arrange the transfer of the money and the project.
There are credible websites providing escrow services, which we can recommend and if you are considering this then please email us and we will try to help you as much as possible with the process.
How can I make sure the buyer is a valid user?
We advise the sellers to take time in talking to the potential buyers. It would also help both the seller and the buyer if the two can discuss over other communication channels such as Skype or Google Hangouts.
If you have encountered any users who may not be a valid user, then please email